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Jubilation Lee ([personal profile] galwonder) wrote2008-04-13 07:14 pm

The people of the Amalgam verse

...or at least how they relate to the people of Shatterverse.

Codename [alias] Marvel basis DC basis
Italics denotes Shattercanon

The Claw Family

Dark Claw [Logan] Wolverine Batman
Sparrow [Jubilation Lee] Jubilee Robin
Huntress [Carol Danvers] Ms Marvel Huntress

Judgement League Avengers

Canary [Dinah Barton] Mockingbird Black Canary

Teen Avengers

Hawkeye II [Kate Harper] Hawkeye II Arsenal


Apollo [Ray] Cyclops The Ray


Bruce Wayne Nick Fury Bruce Wayne
Huntress/Black Bat [Barbara Gordon] Black Cat Batgirl,
Moonwing [Dick Grayson] Moon Knight Nightwing

Generation Hex

Jono Hex Chamber Jonah Hex
Skinhunter Skin Scalphunter
Retribution Penance Firehair


Alex Drake Alex Wilder Robin
Lori Minoru Sister Grim Black Alice
Stephanie Stein Backtalk Spoiler
Molly Gage-Radcliffe Bruiser Misfit
Victor Cain Victor Mancha Batgirl II
Kara Dean Lucy in the Sky Supergirl
Old Lace Old Lace ---

Spitfire and the Blackhawks

Spitfire and the Troubleshooters Blackhawks

Legion of Galatic Guardians

Multiple Maid Multiple Man Triplicate Girl

No affiliation

Prince [Diana] --- / Wonder Woman