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As in 'Dark Claw and'

I wanted to call myself Death Urge Overdrive

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Name:Jubilation Lee
Website:Amalgam Characters
Jubilation Lee. a.k.a Sparrow. You know, as in Death Claw and...?

- whaddya mean you've never heard of Death Claw? You been living under a rock?


Jubilation 'Jubilee' Lee was once slated to become the youngest American Olympian, thanks to her gymnastic prowess. However, when her parents were killed by metamutant hunting Sentinel robots, she ran away and hid in the largest shopping mall in Gotham. It was here where she encountered the legendary Dark Claw and helped him escape from some of his many enemies. Impressed by her skill, the Dark Knight took him under his wing - so to speak - and trained her up as is sidekick: Sparrow.

Don't ask her, she wanted to be called Death Urge Overdrive.


Jubilee is a teenage girl of Chinese extraction, with the ability to shoot lights out of her hands and fingers. She is a superlative gymnast and an expert in all forms of hand-to-hand combat, as well being a computer whiz and a talented helicopter pilot.

Dark Claw expects a lot out of his partner.

Sparrow is from the Dark Claw series and is the property of Amalgam comics. This is roleplaying journal being used for entertainment purposes only.
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